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Beauty in Pigmentation

What professional Estheticians are saying?

You can only expect to have the best Education experience possible at MCA Skin Care Academy! I have never had a better teacher in my life than Amber. She saw me through two different courses and had the most knowledge and compassion than anybody I have met in the industry. I am now a licensed Esthetician and and Esthetics Instructor and having her as a mentor has given me such a passion for esthetics and teaching. I have never imagined being so invested in this industry but from the tools and confidence I was given my Amber I can say my path for success is set. With MCA Skin Care Academy you can't go wrong. 

April - Licensed Esthetician at Massage Envy

If you’re wondering “should I do it? Should I start my journey to be an esthetician?” This is your sign to do it. To send the email to ask for more information or to just sign up for school. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but I promise you that having Amber in your corner to teach and support you is what will make the difference. Any time that I wanted to give up in school, amber was there with words of encouragement and a hug if I needed it. After passing my practical exam, she was the first one I called. She was as excited as I was and kept telling me “I knew you could do it, you’re such a bad a**”. Even after graduation, becoming licensed and attending National Laser Institute for my laser technician license, I know I can still count on her if I have any questions or doubt in myself. She’s the real MVP and I am so blessed to say that I can still count on her.

Ariana Zuniga, LE, CLT (licensed esthetician, certified laser technician)

I had Amber Solis as an instructor while I was attending Esthetic School. She is absolutely the most professional, and dedicated instructor. If I didn’t understand something or had questions after hours, she would help me out in every way she could. Having an attentive instructor means getting the best out of your education. I highly recommend attending this school as you will absolutely get the best of the best, as well as the constant support you need while attending.

Owner of Gypsy Moon Spa & Salon

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