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Safety in Sanitation - Ways to stop the Spread of those dreaded viruses

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

So 2021, we are 3 quarters of the way done, and here comes the dreaded new strain of Covid! As beauty professionals we have to be ready and prepared to do our part in reducing the spread!!! So I am going to list my 3 most important areas of Infection Control!!!!

  1. Set up- Make sure for every client you are disinfecting your area before and after every client!!! And when I say disinfecting, that means with a EPA registered disinfectant. Spray, spray, spray, and follow the manufacturers instructions on waiting time. Make sure you properly protect your client with whatever PPA is required!

  2. Always wear gloves!!!! I know, believe me I know that during facials we don't always want to wear gloves, but in order to not only protect our health but also the health of your client, follow your standard precautions and GLOVE UP!

  3. Wash you Hands!!!!! This has got to be the most important part of infection control!!! There are millions of bacteria and viruses that we come in contact with EVERYDAY!!! So washing your hands with soap and water removes that!!! So after every client and every service wash those hands for no less than 20 Seconds

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