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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Ok, beauty professionals, this is a huge pet peeve of mine and it drives me absolutely insane!!! I am all about education and doing it the right way, and being honest and not deceitful, and leaving out information that is crucial is just as bad as lying!

So to start off, an esthetician license covers skincare, waxing, lashes, you can do anything that is considered part of the epidermis/superficial layers. TDLR lables the scope of practice of an esthetician is to cleanse, stimulate, or massage a person's scalp, face, neck, or arms by hand or by using a device, apparatus, or appliance, and with or without the use of any cosmetic preparation, antiseptic, tonic, lotion, powder, oil, clay, cream, or appliance. An esthetician can also beautify a person's face, neck, or arms using a cosmetic preparation, antiseptic, tonic, lotion, powder, oil, clay, cream, or appliance, administer facial treatments, remove superfluous hair from a person's body using depilatories, preparations, or tweezing techniques. Additionally, an esthetician may apply semi-permanent, thread-like extensions composed of single fibers to a person's eyelashes.

Ok, now that is explained I am going to tell you what really "Grinds my Gears." So I have seen all these specialty classes being directed to the esthetician world, and when I say specialty classes I mean, micro needling, dermaplaning, hyaluron pen, Eyelash extensions.

Now I don't get irritated by you broadening your education, by all means that is amazing, what gets me is their are professional men and woman who are teaching these classes are completing forgetting to inform you that it IS NOT UNDER TEXAS SCOPE OF PRACTICE!

So now their are uninformed cosmetologist and estheticians perfoming services that could cause them to loose their license and have absolutely NO IDEA!

Now I am sure some of you are like "eyelash extensions" we can do that, and you are 100 percent correct! Reason I have listed that is because in my time in the field I have seen and experienced "eyelash certification" classes to ANY and EVERY body and again the individual providing the class forgets to inform the students that in order for you to perform lash extensions YOU MUST have a TDLR approved curriculum. So again now their are people providing lash services and not licensed, a certification is not a license.

So with all my rant, IF you have any doubts at all Contact TDLR and ask. Knowledge is key!

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