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Men and Facials? Why I believe the skin care industry is important to EVERY MAN.

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

So these days skin care is on the rise!!!! Thank the good lord! Now us as women have always for the most part, did a little more than a bar soap across the face. We tend to enjoy exfoliation (I'm addicted, I swear) we love mask, all the mask, jelly mask, mud mask, clay mask, you name it WE LOVE IT!.

Now in my experience in the last 11 years I have personally seen more and more men getting facials, and waxing! I love it!!! Now why do I think its important??? First of all with Skin Cancer, being the most common cancer in America, knowing the importance of SPF is soooo important! I can not stress it enough! So all you hard working men don't forget your SPF before heading outdoors! Men tend to have larger pores and create more oil, now don't get me wrong, that's not all men, but in my experience that's what I have encountered. Now as we age our pores tend to get larger and larger and good skin care regimen can not only clear up any hardened sebum and reduce breakouts but it can help reduce the size of our pores and control our sebum distribution. Shaving, every man I know who can grow facial hair has shaved and will most likely continue to shave lol. Well a little FYI, Shaving causes stress on the skin, every time that razor slides across your skin its effecting your epidermis, this exposes super sensitive skin that can be easily irritated by your everyday activities and must be cuddled and taken extra care of, now don't get me started on beard care lol. That will have to be a blog of it's own! So men, find you a good esthetician, find you and regimen and take care of that skin

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